Monday, April 22, 2013

RevitForum.ORG To The Rescue | Some #Revit 2014 Install "Fixes"

A typical and great example of the shit you'll find at RevitForum.Org can be found by clicking the image below... Now, when I said 'shit' there I mean it in the best possible, street cred kind of, "we're gonna do what we want, how we want and it's gonna be awesome", "This is an example of our great community coming together for one another" way...

If you aren't a member yet go get's free!!! But Please: Donate til it helps (you too)!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Got Your (BIM) Protocol? | @BIMgcs Does

BIM Fact: A well defined BIM process is THE approach worth undertaking.

BIM Fact: Using no BIM process is still a process.
-probably just a shitty one

Need we say more? Like how widespread adoption in the UK may push others of us to adopt the same BIM Execution Protocols as one another? Kind of like having a "standard"!?

Want more? Get more... Check this out from the BIM Task Group (Then follow @BIMgcs)... Image links to the downloads page ;-) Then get The PAS-1192-2 Here!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's (BIM) Life Without a Challenge?

Talking with collaborators in this BIM thing, conversing on the fact that there are a lot of opinions, but little actual 1:1 comparative data to review as to what is(are) the best tool(s) to use for producing AECO BIM at the current time...

We, in our quest to find the best possible (current) workflows and/or processes, we here at RFC would like to throw down a challenge!!!

The Precursor

The challenge's particulars will be created by those participating, first via conversations to find the important concepts that we will want to study, then via the actual challenge.

The Challenge

For now the concept is simple: Compare Revit, ArchiCAD & Rhino: Edit 02/11/2012: Add to that list Bentley (most likely) and Vectorworks!
  1. Modeling Capabilities
  2. ...Like we said, we will create more specifics as we get interested participants

The Need

We need the following expert users willing to participate (obviously):
Edit 02/11/2012: Bentley & Tekla still could use representation.
ArchiCAD Edit 02/11/2012:Team seems to be coming along
Rhino Edit 02/11/2012: One person in, I just emailed Bob Mcneel himself to see if there's interest.
-We have Revit covered, but if you are interested in handling the Revit side let us know, this may be a bigger challenge as time goes on, so who knows...

Your location is not an issue, as we can have the challenge combine remote participants, as well as live ones...

We posted this challenge on Twitter, as a test-bed of sorts, to see if any thoughts or interest arose and oddly enough there were a few comments that seemed strongly against such a challenge!!!

Based on that, we know we are on to something of interest in???

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stirring the BIM tool pot

Archicad vs Revit, more like Archicad vs Logic & Reason!!!

Fluffy Kittens please forgive us. Put on your protective gear now... (Yes images & red text are links!!!) We only use "BIM model" to explain our points...
 Point 1) <played in G minor> 
Archicad kills fluffy kittens wantonly
RFC was sent a link showing how Archicad's own press release states "...BIM Model within Archicad..." Ugh, really, saying 'BIM model' in a release to people who know that term to be used in ignorance??? Is that is supposed to lend an air of professionalism? Because it doesn't.

And RFC knows a thing or two about both being professional, as well as being unprofessional!!! (We have been known to use a lot of swear words ;-)

Is saying 'BIM model' a minor thing? We think not. But hey, we are just sticklers for the truth...and syntax.

Dear Archicad, 
The word Model is part of the fucking acronym BIM.
ATM also has the word machine in it, so keep that in mind as well, so as not to sound (more) like idiots, while you drag your programming knuckles into the present.

-Signed RFC Check :-)

Point 2) <played in F major>
Are BIM authoring tools Multicore & Multithreaded? 
Revit is much more than Archicad!!!

Here's Archicad's idea of multi-threaded support:

1) Self explanatory, since Archicad can't seem to take advantage of multi-cores too well.
2) Wait, doesn't it say multi-processing helps? Why then spin it to say it doesn't...
3) Oh, because marketing can't tell the plain truth: Archicad is too lazy(?) to program for it.

Well after their underwhelming list of only 8 things that AC does utilize multi-threading for let's compare, shall we? We shall!

WOW, AC uses multicores to place a PDF... Big fucking deal.

How many times can they list saving as separate items??? Looks like 3!!!

Managing Autosave? They actually say that "Managing" autosave needs multi-processing??? Yikes.

Now we know Revit doesn't autosave but that is something that we don't want... With worksharing it is much more important to be mindful and intentional about what and when to save, so hold your water ArchiHaters.

OH AND ANOTHER FUN ONE: Graphics Processor Units (GPU) are not the same as Central Processing Units (CPU) so please remove that from the list of multicore processing. Archicad's bullshit marketing spin only obfuscates knowledge & intelligence for people who are really looking the truth.

Here's Autodesk & Revit's idea of multi-threaded support:
Now that list only has one more item (9) BUT the actual items that are listed are much more effective and powerful, when compared to the other BIM Authoring Tools!!!

Not much to say about the Revit list...while it is always getting better, we find Revit Multi-Processes the best.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

NOBODY READ THIS POST PLEASE!!! Revit LT: Learning & Training, LiTe or Losing Talent

<Edit 09/07/2012> #7 has been edited to reflect the info found in the comment's section of this post.

Dear RevitLT,
Please understand these are just thoughts and while they speak to what we feel a hamstrung version of Revit is: a mistake for AEC; they are just thoughts and are intended to help in some small way. Good luck, no matter our take.

FWIW: AEC needs more functionality in Revit itself, so to dedicate precious resources to create and support RevitLT, especially when you have cut thousands of jobs recently is a bit odd, in RFC's opinion. Perhaps you have numbers to support good sales figures, so WhoTF are we to judge :-)

Now, we're not shareholders and we guess you must worry more about profits than people at times...but remember, even the small firms you say you are helping with this offering are people too and unless they only do Strip-mall-chitecture then UH OH!!!

In other words, we respectfully disagree with the need for such a seeming piece of shit software!!! That's what SketchUp is for!!!

-Signed Revit Fact Check (AKA: Revit Users who actually say what others only think) 

Check below the following embedded PDF for a review of the comparison (as if one truly exists) :-)
Revit LT ADSK Comparison
  • RevitLT is out (Yaay???) and has but 17 less major functionalities, when compared to full Revit. Not much you say? Good luck with that!!!
  • Here at Revit Fact Check we think that some of these 17 make it a deal breaker, as we'll explain below, but first a word from this ADSK PRESS RELEASE:
 “Autodesk Revit LT reflects our commitment to provide architects, designers and building professionals, particularly those in small firms, the tools they need to ease the transition to get started with - and take advantage of - a BIM workflow,”

Ease the transition? "They" can say so, but if you do anything of value we have 2 reasons NOT to go near Revit LT and while the following may sound harsh, it's true for most everyone (if not everyone) in AEC, whether small or large!!!
  • If you cannot afford the tools of your trade get another trade.
  • The lacking functionality of Revit LT will just make the inevitable purchase of full Revit take that much longer. But who are we to say how late you should be to real productivity, better projects and all that true BIM has to offer...
  • With it taking one or more years to become fully adept at BIM we like those who wait...we can take more of their work, so maybe we should just shut up!!! 
  • Well, We would shut up if we truly didn't want to help AEC that is!!!
Here's a look at and then a brief comment about each numbered 'functionality loss' from the PDF above, as Revit Fact Check sees it: Viewer Discretion Advised!!! -We say that because the images allude to what you won't get with RevitLT and it might be upsetting to some viewers!!!

1) Construction Modeling-Parts and Assemblies
  • I thought that "Building Professionals" need professional building tools... wasn't that why these were put into Revit in the first place? To fill a void for contractors & other "Building Professionals... 
  • This one may not be a 'huge' deal though, unless of course you like to believe that a model should represent what is being...uhhh... modeled. Hmmm...
  • Maybe the thought is that small firms are too daft to use assemblies, or maybe the thought is they are not needed... either way this holds as a good selling point; just NOT for RevitLT.

2) Stair by Sketch
  • Really RevitLT; No custom shaped stairs by sketch??? Aaaahahahahaha!!!
  • Designers love to be locked into tools that have next to no usefulness for the work they actually do, day to day.
  • Why not just remove the "save" button while you're at it ;-)
  • We hope you RevitLT users only do stairs that have no need to be other than simple, with little to no ability to adapt to... oh what do they call it?... OH YEAH... DESIGN, SHAPE, etc.!!!
  • These LT folks really know how to sell full Revit!!! Make a third rate LT grade software and let people call it 'light' and think they can be productive & efficient with it.Then buy the full app!!!
  • The extra cost of full Revit is paid for in ROI within the first project, unless that project is a simple dog-house perhaps.

3) Truss and Reinforcement
  • Excuse the language but this is a fucking joke!!! 
  • Helping AEC get into "a BIM workflow" by not allowing some of the most basic structural content?
  • Again, we hope any Revit LT users never need their buildings to stand up, or never know how they will look... "Rebar and Trusses are so last year" perhaps... 
  • Yeah, when I was with a small firm we never needed Trusses.
  • Oh Wait, that's a lie!!!
4) Conceptual Massing, Adaptive Components
  • Oh My Fucking God
  • Not having Massing & AC's may be the biggest reason RevitLT a terrible idea to us!!!
  • Small firms never do any creative work, so why have these necessary tools, right RevitLT?
  • No buildings other than rectilinear we guess. 
  • Good thing "architects, designers and building professionals, particularly those in small firms" don't want to compete for good projects or make buildings anything but square (or the like)... You could do round but let's see a twisting shape or tilted walls...
  • Who needs to conceptualize a building early on and get environmental & structural analysis??? We hope not you RevitLT users. (more on this later too) 
5)  In-Place Modeling
  • A "for instance"...Any "small" firms ever do walls that might be free-standing & be segmented & have custom openings? No soup for you!!! Unless or until you become a modeling master.
  • In-place models can be handy in the Design process, especially in fast, 'down-& dirty' situations. Get ready to learn the Family Editor (not a bad thing though ;-)
  • Now there are those who try not to use in-place modeling but the fact remains that sometimes it IS necessary (read as: necessary), so this too keeps RevitLT users bound to unnecessary struggle and frustration, productivity loss (even weighed against Acad -we think).
6) Photo-realistic Rendering in the Project
  • What small (or large) firm needs easy rendering at their fingertips???
  • No more needs to be said about this, other than: Good luck learning more apps. LOL
7) Ray Trace 

  • Ray Trace? Unless these small firms have super good computers this is no issue at all. Ray trace is so slow at this time on "the average" computer that it probably won't be a big loss... for now.
<Edit 09/07/2012>Well...
  • Realistic View Styles WILL NOT be removed & this is awesome for RevitLT users so if you do get RevitLT then surely use this!!! <Edit 09/07/2012>
8) Interference Check
  • Every small firm are especially in need of the ability to coordinate better. Not having interference checking will keep AEC-LT users thinking they are creating BIM but they'll be sadly mistaken in a holistic sense. Plus their models will be some of the worst out here.
  • 'Hope they want to find out those beams are slamming through plumbing (etc.) members in the field... That's the point of using CAD drafting programs: to keep projects inefficient and too expensive, with time and money thrown away!!! Why introduce that to BIM??? WHY??? 
9) Copy/Monitor
  • Not having linked models automatically track the changes between disciplines' components is pure awesomeness...Oh wait, it isn't...this should keep people groping for the full Revit!
10) Worksharing (Multi-User environment)
  • Say goodbye to the Worksharing concept, image @ the right. None of this (or more) for the LT user
  • The first project I did in Revit I worked all alone AND STILL USED WORKSETS!!!
  • Say goodbye to collaborative work, efficiency, sophisticated organization and peace of mind!!! 
11) Copy/Paste Elements from Links
  • Sure, small firms looking to boost productivity NEVER copy from a linked file...It's surely better for them to have to open both models up and overburden their (probably) unacceptable computer.
12) Customize the Visibility of Linked Models
  • LO-Fucking-L RevitLT!!! You really think that this won't piss every RevitLT user off??? Better get those apology letters handy!!!
  • No Architect or Engineer EVER needs to adjust what is seen and how it's seen in others' linked model... This one is a prize winner!!!
13, 14) Point Cloud, Decal
  • Maybe if no one reads all the marketing materials about how key point clouds are to BIM maybe no one will notice how limiting this missing functionality will be...Shhhh, we'll keep quiet ;-) Oh wait, that was not quiet: sorry.
  • Decals are great for rendering & those Realistic Views...OH SORRY, Those are already not available in RevitLT -Mwahahaha
  • Benefits to this is you can keep those old airbrushes going!!!
15) SAT, ADSK, gbXML, IFC, ODBC & Family Types
  • Seems there is a thought that small firms don't need to export to others in any meaningful ways.
  • No manufacturing, databases, etc...well at least it'll have .dwg export LOLOLOLOL
  • Family Type Exports are really only good if one wants to capture objects from models and re-use or re-purpose them more efficiently. Say in Component Libraries...
16) ADSK 360 Energy Analysis
  • Small firms do not need to make "informed Decisions" -Inference for purchasers of RevitLT
  • It appears that the promise of BIM will not be televised for RevitLT users... Keep making wasteful buildings, you don't deserve grown-up tools if you buy RevitLT anyhow!!!
17) Third-Party Application Programming Interface (API)
Why the fuck not allow anyone to customize RevitLT, that would make them keep from buying the full Revit...


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coordinate and Dominate | AEC Collaboration & Coordination for Success

AU to close on a strong note!!!

Check your facts and bring them along to expand your perspectives toward collaborating, coordinating and getting better BIM from internal teams as well as consultants & other collaborators!!!

-Look for our Contractor to be named later as well :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LARUG to Stream Live

If you'd like to catch the live stream (or recorded) LARUG meetings check:
LARUG's Blog on Wednesday, August 15th at 5:30pm PST, (12:30am UTC/GMT) for a link to view live. 

<edit Embedded video added ;-)>

First (if you don't already) follow for updates:
Jay B Zallan | @JayZallan
Marcello Sgambelluri | @marcellosgamb 
Troy Gates | @TroyGates
Joe Mendez | @jmendez_rtkl
Jennifer Storey | @Storeyjl
Elisa de Dios | @dedios
Brian Andresen | @cadbimmanager

There will be info about viewing the recorded sessions on LARUG's Blog as soon as they are posted to the LARUG YouTube Channel (Yes, that IS a link)