Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's (BIM) Life Without a Challenge?

Talking with collaborators in this BIM thing, conversing on the fact that there are a lot of opinions, but little actual 1:1 comparative data to review as to what is(are) the best tool(s) to use for producing AECO BIM at the current time...

We, in our quest to find the best possible (current) workflows and/or processes, we here at RFC would like to throw down a challenge!!!

The Precursor

The challenge's particulars will be created by those participating, first via conversations to find the important concepts that we will want to study, then via the actual challenge.

The Challenge

For now the concept is simple: Compare Revit, ArchiCAD & Rhino: Edit 02/11/2012: Add to that list Bentley (most likely) and Vectorworks!
  1. Modeling Capabilities
  2. ...Like we said, we will create more specifics as we get interested participants

The Need

We need the following expert users willing to participate (obviously):
Edit 02/11/2012: Bentley & Tekla still could use representation.
ArchiCAD Edit 02/11/2012:Team seems to be coming along
Rhino Edit 02/11/2012: One person in, I just emailed Bob Mcneel himself to see if there's interest.
-We have Revit covered, but if you are interested in handling the Revit side let us know, this may be a bigger challenge as time goes on, so who knows...

Your location is not an issue, as we can have the challenge combine remote participants, as well as live ones...

We posted this challenge on Twitter, as a test-bed of sorts, to see if any thoughts or interest arose and oddly enough there were a few comments that seemed strongly against such a challenge!!!

Based on that, we know we are on to something of interest ...you in???


  1. I'm in for it. I use both revit and archicad, but in this case I will join the Archicad team.
    I'll talk to Jared ( Shoegnome)

  2. Vectorworks? Tekla? Microstation?

    1. Theory Shaw,
      If you are or know of any Tekla, Vectorworks and/or Microstation BIM experts willing to participate, then bring it on but I have to be honest, those would probably be round 2...There is a lot of work and organization in just 3 flavors, let alone upwards of 6... That said, I'd like to have Tekla in the first round. Bentley's app would be interesting but vectorworks? Meh ;-)

  3. I'm in for Revit... (or was I already without knowing?)

  4. I believe your challenge, J, is "Modelling Capabilities". Are you denigrating Vectorworks' modeling capabilities after it has won awards in Build London Live 2012 and Build Qatar Live 2012? As far as "modeling" is concerned (and not just building BIM boxes) it outshone both Revit and Archicad in those contests. What are you afraid of? I feel certain that the BIM Unlimited team would be willing to participate.

  5. Robert,
    Two points of contention: 1) This experiment/challenge is not focused only on modeling capabilities and 2) I (and we) are not afraid!!! -I may come across skeptically, sometimes sarcastically, but am also always interested in the pursuit of truth, inclusion, creativity and break-through!!!

    No I and we are neither afraid nor was I commenting on any qualities VW has or may have. To be open, my experience with VW is fundamentally nil and my comment as may will see was based on my experience with it (or lack thereof)... I have happened on it only a few times in the 30+ years I have been in AECO, in Los Angeles (a city with one of the largest congregations of Architects). But by no means do I feel there are not many firms, even here using VW, just that they are perhaps an AECO minority...but I reiterate: BRING IT ON!!! We are really just after the truth!!! Not even my perceived, actual or factual biases will limit this challenge!!!

    You seem to be offering up a team, if that is the case then GREAT WELCOME ABOARD!!! Send the participant names, twitter names & email addresses to me. Use my FirstnameLastname at gmail.com address (JayZallan).

  6. Jay, I will assemble and send you a team list.

    Now that I understand that the challenge is not solely focused on modeling, I am a little confused by Rhino's inclusion. Certainly Rhino is a modeling powerhouse, and used in the "front end" of many BIM offices' workflows, it doesn't seem a straightforward comparison to the beginning-to-end BIM authoring tools (in which I include, knowing there may be others, Revit, Archicad, Vectorworks, Microstation, and Allplan).

    It is true that Vectorworks is not so widely used in the States (despite being an American product) as, say Revit. But it is a truly international product, being widely used by architectst in Western Europe and Japan.

  7. Ahhh, I didn't read it that way until now that but I can see the confusion...my apologies.

    Talking with some of the people involved, we think it may be that we do a live (even if remote) modeling shoot out as a kind of precursor. To get the blood going, separate but included piece of the larger BIMchallenge between the interested BIMauthoring apps, now RVT, AC & VWks...I hope some,Bentley and Tekla people show interest too...

  8. Count me in for the AECOSim side (Bentley) and I'll see if I can bring a few folks in who are willing.

  9. Shawn,
    Please send
    Name(s)-including yours ;-)
    Email address(es)
    Twitter Name(s)

    I will add the Bentley team to the list.

    FYI (All) Vectorworks is in with quite the team!!!

  10. Did this shoot out ever happen? Results please!!!!

  11. Yeah how about an update on the challenge?

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