Monday, June 25, 2012

Which is better Driving to work or a Car?: Sometimes BIM simply means Bimbo

If you want some good laughs read a few of the comments on Revit Forum dot Org's posting that made us laugh (click the image below)..."Which is better BIM or Revit?" Oh NOooooooo please say you don't do Architecture ...pleeeeeease. the person who posted has got to be a comedian!!! Right???

Well, anyway; way too many funny retorts come up, but RevitFactCheck thinks that the original question is perhaps one of the funniest possible questions we have seen since...well a long time... and it shows such a profoundly deep lack of understanding that there can be no more laughable a posit.

OH!!! and if you ever use the 'company'(?) that asked that question we wish you luck and... If you ask which is better #BIM or #Revit then may @RevitFactCheck suggest a mechanic who asks: Which is better Driving to work or a Car?

We are still looking for Revit users in the Arctic... Anyone???... Beautiful here nonetheless...

Friday, June 8, 2012

More Ignorance, Less Benefit

We caught this Tweet by Graham Stewart (no connection to Revit Fact Check) and RFC | BFC checked it out for ourselves and agree... It's awful.

The article written by a "person?" that calls themselves: Revit Master... LOFuckingL that's the worst name for a person who doesn't seem to know Revit very well... How about "Revit Disaster"?

Anyhow: the person or people who wrote the blog post fail in even basic attempts at journalism, provide no good help and seem to have no idea how ignorant their comparison is...

A comparison that is not "one-to-one" or "apples-to-apples" is a waste of time.

 Shy of comparing each feature, in true relation to the job (the total job) of producing an AEC project, from within each platform; articles like this are either ignored by those who are truly informed or worse are used by those that do not know of what they speak to bolster their own ignorant dribbling.

To each there own, but really???!!! Comparing software 5 years or so apart??? Even with their mentioning that little fact, the resulting post is so useless (in our opinion) that we don't even wish to continue checking it's facts.