Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LARUG to Stream Live

If you'd like to catch the live stream (or recorded) LARUG meetings check:
LARUG's Blog on Wednesday, August 15th at 5:30pm PST, (12:30am UTC/GMT) for a link to view live. 

<edit Embedded video added ;-)>

First (if you don't already) follow for updates:
Jay B Zallan | @JayZallan
Marcello Sgambelluri | @marcellosgamb 
Troy Gates | @TroyGates
Joe Mendez | @jmendez_rtkl
Jennifer Storey | @Storeyjl
Elisa de Dios | @dedios
Brian Andresen | @cadbimmanager

There will be info about viewing the recorded sessions on LARUG's Blog as soon as they are posted to the LARUG YouTube Channel (Yes, that IS a link)

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