Monday, April 22, 2013

RevitForum.ORG To The Rescue | Some #Revit 2014 Install "Fixes"

A typical and great example of the shit you'll find at RevitForum.Org can be found by clicking the image below... Now, when I said 'shit' there I mean it in the best possible, street cred kind of, "we're gonna do what we want, how we want and it's gonna be awesome", "This is an example of our great community coming together for one another" way...

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  1. 'Shit' is the right word to use when it comes to Revit, or any of the people/organizations involved with, using, or responsible for developing it.

    'Shit' as in 'I just took a shit that was a more functional set of software than Revit'. I love how the screen shot of the forum starts right off with something broken (and probably fucking someone over).

    They seem awfully calm about it though - which probably indicates that they gave up giving a shit about functional software that doesn't break itself at least twice a day a long time ago. They've just resigned themselves.

    Fucking sad. Please eat a dick. (oh, and I'm serious too - this is not just someone trolling - Revit is a fucking time-wasting, profit-eating piece of shit.

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