Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Truth Is The Truth: Known or Otherwise

Take heart DL you are still the first and probably the best to post the "What's New in Revit" every year (legally); and if this means anything you are our favorite!!! We look forward to your hard work and appreciate it immensely.

So looks like someone ('fla') may have lied to J so we decided to try to put the NDA breakage to bed for him at least...

We got an anonymous tip regarding the recent NDA breach by a certain ex-reseller (let's call him 'fla'), unfortunately the comment was for a (now removed) Fear and Loathing In a CAD vs. BIM World posting, so we couldn't get the exact, original quote but we have it on J's authority that the following is what was presented to him: ...he emailed and said he had been on the Alpha but not on the Beta...

Meaning; if this is true; there must have been an NDA at some point for 'fla': either way there was no integrity in 'fla' releasing documents that were known to be proprietary and secret in nature and not for distribution at the very least; J told us.

Is that comment about 'fla' being on the testing program the Truth? No real way for us to verify on our budget of $0.00 but through conversations and comments throughout the industry, we believe we have done enough digging into fla's past behavior and have also heard a big silence from 'the man' which, we believe makes @RevitFactCheck feel comfortable to construe that Attorneys are most likely looking into the matter now and we can all get on with life and ostracize the man ('fla') who brings embarrassment to himself. Maybe 'fla' will learn how to write something other than love letters and not simply copy/paste from ill-gotten documentation...just to be first... Well in this case fla's first is worst.

Perhaps some huge technology company will use parts of their budget to do digital forensics and find out exactly when 'fla' did what: but suffice to say we believe J's original post was spot on and DL's headache should all be alleviated now!

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