Sunday, March 11, 2012

Haters Keep on Hating, Ignorant keep Digressing

Not Funny: Hate Stems From Ignorance
Funny: When you search "Revit hate 2012" you find ignorance.

When you get to the RevitHate site you will find most of the haters think Revit is a shitty drafting program...Joke's on them...Revit was never intended to draft in!!! It's a fucking Building Information Modeling software you geniuses. Except for the flatness of printed sheets (though ink has thickness, so that's even arguable), it's all 3D!!! 3D Model (Visual), 3D data, 3D Creativity.

If you cannot handle the necessary change in AEC' needs, attitude and process reconfiguration due to ever evolving BIM/IPD technological & informational/educational capabilities & possibilities then go sell insurance. Drafting is needed to learn how to draw... BIM is needed to keep (or better yet: GET) AEC out of the wasteful past & present it finds itself in...

Give Me An "L"

Give Me An "O"

Give Me An "S"

Give Me An "E"

Give Me An "R"

What's that spell?

<Insert Drafting Software of Choice Here (Oh, & Your Name if you would rather produce AEC in 2D!!!>

Here's to going back to the stone age too!!!

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  1. I love the last quote. "suddenly requires me to think." LMAO